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BATES I am seeking information about my 3rd great-grandfather, Roswell Bates, who it appears was born in Vermont in about 1794 or 1796, possibly in the area of Rutland, VT, but not sure.   Roswell married Martha "Patty" McNitt, and had a son Ansel. I am trying to find the names of Roswell Bates' parents and siblings, any information I could find about Roswell and his extended family.


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I am searching for information about my 3gr-grandfather Franklin Ford, believed to have been born 18 Jan 1801 in Benson, Rutland, Vermont (according to Vermont, US Vital Records, 1870 and Prior). Per this source, his parents were John and Dorcas (Olmsted) Ford. Franklin was the eldest of their 14 children. (Franklin’s father, John, was presumably born in Massachusetts but his family moved to Vermont when he was quite young. Dorcas was born in Benson, Rutland, Vermont 17 Dec 1782.)
I am especially searching for information about my 3gr-grandmother, Franklin Ford’s wife, Oliva/Olivia or Eliza Pitts. She is believed to have been born in 1798 in Vermont, according to various censuses taken in the latter half of the 1800s. From this same source, both of her parents were also born in Vermont. I have no background information on her, who her parents/siblings were or when and where she married Franklin Ford. I presume this to have occurred in Vermont around 1823.
I believe John and Dorcas (Olmsted) Ford’s other 13 children, siblings of my Franklin, were all born in Benson, Rutland, Vermont. They were: John Jr. b. 1802, Richard Falley b. 1803, Huldah Maria b. 1805, Simeon b. 1807, Harriet b. 1809, Lucy b. 1811, Electa b. 1812, Laura A. and Almira Louisa b. 1814, David b. 1817, Harry b. 1819, Rufus Dennis b. 1821 and Barbara b. 1823. Franklin’s parents and many of his siblings then moved around this time (1823/4) to New York then Pennsylvania.
Back to Franklin and Oliva (Pitts) Ford – they had also left Vermont by 1824, having had their first child, my 2nd- gr grandfather George Washington Ford, in Pennsylvania in June of that year. They went on to have three additional children and ultimately Franklin died in Pennsylvania, Oliva following her children on to Michigan where she eventually died.

Again, I am curious as to who Oliva Pitts was, who her ancestors were and whether Franklin and Oliva married in Vermont. This would have likely occurred around 1820-1823.

I have a good understanding of the Olmsted family from which Dorcas hailed (good resource material on the Olmstead family famous for landscape architecture denotes Dorcas is from that line). As well, the Ford family is well documented as they were descended from Mayflower passengers. I have had no success with the Pitts family and Oliva specifically.
I am also interested in the life and times of the Ford and Olmsted families while they lived in Vermont for what appears to be almost two generations. Once identified, I would appreciate information on the life and times of the Pitts family.

Allison Dennis:


I am searching for information about my great-great-grandfather Charles W Royce, believed to have been born 1830 in Irasburg, VT, and his wife Emaline Luce, believed to have been born about 1840 in Stowe or Waterbury, VT.

I have information from the 1860 census from Northfield VT for a Charles Roys and his wife Emeline, and a child named "Willie" on that census. I believe this to be my relatives, misspelled, and their oldest son, Charles W, born 1858.

They had three other sons, my great-grandfather Edward (also sometimes called Edgar) born in 1861 and who died in New Hampshire in 1951, Ephraim, born in 1863 and who died in 1933 in Vermont, and a son Asa who was born in 1867 and died in 1869.

In the 1870 census, I have found Edward and Ephraim living with a Spemira Macoon in Berlin, VT with their occupation shown as "pauper". I am curious as to how Edward and Ephraim came to be in the care of Ms Macoon, and what became of the elder Charles W and his wife Emeline, specifically any further census records, when and where did they die and where their burial place might be.

I also would like any information on Emeline Luce's ancestors, as I have none. Lastly, I would like to be able to confirm that the Charles W Royce born in 1830 is the son of Charles Royce born 1795 and Millie Andrews born 1799, both of Vermont.

Royce is often misspelled Roys or Royer.

Steve Royce:

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My brick wall is my great grandfather Joseph F Senter born about 1858, in Rutland, Vermont and died 1897 in Athena, Umatilla, Oregon.  He was married several times. 
-Have not found his birth record
-Have not found his death record
-Have not found his parents or siblings if any.
# 1 wife: Rosella Gillespie
They had a son Joseph Senter born, about 1889, in Eugene, Oregon and died, 1892, in Clear Lake, Skagit Washington
-This son died about four months after he married Ora Oberholtzer
-Have not found their marriage record or divorce record
#2 wife: ??
They had a daughter Bessie Audrey Senter born 1891 in Pullman, Whitman, Washington and died in 1967 Daly City, San Mateo, California
- she is listed as a daughter of the next wife but her birthdate is about 12 months before he was married to the next wife.
-Have not found what I believe to be her real mother.
#3 wife:  Ora Oberholtzer
Married 1892
They had two sons 
First Guy Ned Senter born 1893 Pullman, Whitman, Washington and died 1959 Troy, Latah, Idaho
Second Day Franklin Senter born 1897 Athena, Umatilla, Oregon and died 1961Yakima, Yakima, Washington
If Ora is Bessie’s mother she would have been illegitimate. 

Robert Benson:

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I am trying to find the names of the parents of my second great grandfather -Sampson Burke Brown, born 1823,in Morristown, VT- died1866 in Marshfield, VT - lived in Hyde Park, VT - and is buried in Lake Elmore cemetery.  He was married to Rebecca Sarah Brackett.  They had several children. Daughter Flora is my great granmother.
Thank you

Carol Bacon:

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MARTIN I need help in finding the parents of my 4th grt gf Edward Martin, b. Vermont (?) ca 1774, perhaps the son of John Martin who was in Danby 1771.  Edward married, perhaps at Ferrisburg, ca 1795, Elizabeth Chase, b. Nine Partners, NY,  24 Apr 1776, the dau. of Abraham & Lydia (Allen) Chase.  Edward doesn’t appear on any census list in Vermont or Ferrisburg until 1810 when he was living next door to Jonas Martin, the son of Reuben and Sally (Williams) Martin.  Edward Martin disappears from the census lists of Ferrisburg before the 1820 census, when his wife Elizabeth appears as head of household with 10 members in her household.

I have traced 6 children of Edward & Elizabeth, born between 1797 and 1814: Phebe, Eliza (my ancestress), Edward, Jr., Allen H (Henry?), Lydia (married Reuben’s son of William) and Susan.

It is possible that Edward is either a son or a nephew of Reuben Martin, whose son William married Edward’s wife’s sister Lydia Allen, but I have not been able to establish any link between the two families except for this link and proximity of residence.

Reuben’s first children were born in Lanesborough, Berkshire, Mass.  I have traced his lineage back to one Lieutenant Samuel Martin who came to America in 1640-1645 and settled in Connecticut. His progeny ultimately went to Woodbury, Litchfield, CT, where Reuben was born in 1746.

Thanks for any help/suggestions.

Would love to correspond to any descendants of Edward& Elizabeth, or their children.

John Wood:

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KING, Adoption I am trying to find information on what happened to Marsilvia (also known as Mary) Marble King, wife of Rodney King, Sr and mother of Rodney, Jr and Carrie.  Carrie, born 1839 in Wilmington, VT, was adopted, probably as an infant, by David and Harriet Bills of Wilmington.  Perhaps Mrs. King died as a result of Carrie's birth, but I have not been able to find a death record.  I also would like to know if and how one can find adoption records for that time period.  Thank you for any assistance in my search.

Mary Henderson:

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BAKER, WELLS, HARMON I am looking for info on the parents of Charles Harmon Baker and Harriet "Hattie" Elizabeth Wells. Charles was born 18 Nov 1847 in NY state, (Halfmoon or Gloversville?) Harriet was born 4 Jan 1862 in NY state, (Oppingham or Mayfield?) Charles' parents were J. Baker and Margarate Harmon. Harriets parents were Morris and Eleanor Wells.

Paula Parker:

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 I am searching for more info on a Accident on a river in New Haven, Addison,Vermont. It happen in 1840 not sure what name of the river or exact date in  1840 I am looking for more info on the accident. any hints ? newspaper ? other sources
The whole family were drowned in a vessel on the New Haven river in Vermont.

John Carpenter:

CARPENTER I am looking for more info on Lt Gov Benjamin Carpenter of Guilford,Vt I am interested in Photos and Military career info and early life before being LT Gov.

John Carpenter:

GOULD I am searching for the parents of Rodney Gould, b. 1811, d. 1869. He married Ruth Minott 11 Oct 1835, Middlesex, VT. In the 1840, 1850, 1860 the family is living in Montpelier, VT. Ch. Mary Evaline, Ruth, Nancy Augustus, Clara, Alma, Olive, George and Eugene. Any help will be appreciated.

Joanne Hayward:

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Samuel SHERMAN married in Rochester, MA, 1777, Olive CLARK. His children were not recorded in Rochester. He was a blacksmith & sold his house & blacksmith shop in Rochester 1789. [Plymouth Co Deeds] History of Woodstock states that he was a blacksmith in Woodstock, VT 1794, but gone by 1799. His inventory was recorded in Waterbury, VT 1803, and his wife Olive was living at that time. Very few vital records for this family have been found.

Probable children: Olive, Avery, Sylvia, Betsey (possibly married Asa MAXHAM), Polly, Ira, & Royal. Avery m. 1) Fannie SHELDON, 2) Mary WALDRON, & d. in Waitsfield, VT 1873. Ira m. in Waterbury Keziah ROBINSON & d there 1856. Royal apparently married several times & d. in Duxbury, VT 1879.

I am interested in further details about any of these people. In particular: Did Olive remarry? None of the children were very old when Samuel died. Where were Samuel & Olive buried? Avery & Ira were buried in Hope (Village) Cemetery, Waterbury, but I didn't find stones for Samuel & Olive.

Diantha Howard:

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PARKER I am seeking the parents of Loren Parker.  Loren Parker was born abt. 1818, died 10 Sep 1899 in Reading, Windsor Co., VT., and is buried in Hapgood-Spite Cemetery.  He was married to Mary Thurston who was the daughter of Edward Thurston and Delia Wallace.  Their children were as follows: Hiram, Franklin, Lucian, William, Edward, Augustus, Susan and Frederick.

Shirley Arendt:

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RICH Seek clarification of ancestors/descendants: David RICH m. Ruth BERRY 1783, Wallingford, New Haven Co., CT. First 3 children: Roxa, Rosana, & Rachel said to have been born in Charlotte, Chittenden Co., VT, but with overlapping birthdates, 1780s. 3 additional children are reportedly Divan Berry RICH, Rena RICH, and Martin RICH. David RICH was living in 1850 at Caroline, Tompkins Co., NY, ae 89y, born Connecticut.

Janet Pease:

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Y-DNA, WEST, WHEATON Looking for information on and descendants of Ichabod WEST, d. Shaftsbury VT ca 1788. He m1. 1736 Sarah WHEATON, m2. ca 1759 Abigail -----. Named 16 children in 1786 will: Thomas, Ichabod (m. Susanna), Levi (m. Lucy DEVOTION), Barnet, William (m. Phebe GOFF), Sarah (m. Jonah SANFORD?), Ebenezer (m. Tabitha PARDY? FOX?), James, Elizabeth (m. Wareham GIBBS?), Abigail (m. Jonah SANFORD?), Daniel (m1. Sarah WHITFORD, m2. Martha SWEET), Samuel (m. Experience BOSWORTH), Noah (m. Mary Ann GIBBS), David (m. Mary?), Jerusha (m. Abner STEVENS), Esther (m. Rufus STEVENS).  West ancestry goes back to Francis and Susannah (SOULE) West.   Need surname of wife Abigail.   Need living West lineage descendants (male) for Y-DNA test.

Louise Throop:

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Looking for connections to Hannah Parker, father John Parker, and Jeremiah Parker and Joshua Garfield, possibly Benjamin Garfield. John Hitchcock was my great grandfather who married Hannah Parker, We are related to the Garfield’s but cannot make the direct connection.

Jim York:

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I am looking for info on the Pier name:
     Thomas 1689 (CT) - 1778 (MA)
        Ethan 1744 (MA) - 1831
            Chauncey 1770 (CT) - 1813
                Orris 1797 (VT) - 1883 (VT)
                    Frederick 1849 (VT) - 1922 (VT)
    I am interested particularly in Chauncey (Chancy) who married Catherine (Caty) Baldwin b. abt 1770 in NY.  She  is my brick wall.  He was listed in the 1791 VT census.

Stephanie O'Rourke:

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WOODWARD I am interested in any information related to *Theodorus Woodward* (1761-1842), who was born in Kent, CT, and died in Norfolk, NY. He married first *Sally Ferguson* ( -c.1798),
second *Esther Stark* ( - 1817), and third “old Mrs. Woodward” ( - 1843). Theodorus
lived in Orford, NH (c.1771), Vershire (c.1781-1800), Chelsea (c.1802-1823), and
Tunbridge, VT (c1809), and moved to Norfolk, NY around 1823. His children were a
daughter? (1791 census), *Jehial* (1791-1875), *John* (1800-1852), *Cyril* (1802-a1860), *Harry* (1804-a1850), *Harriot* (1806-), *Hannah* (1808-1906), *Calvin Porter* (1811-a 1880).

Alan Rogers:

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BOWMAN Looking for information on Samuel BOWMAN, in Waitsfield, VT by 1812, married there 1813 Relief HAWLEY. A child's death certificate suggests he was born in Barnard, VT. From census records he was born 1780-1790. His estate was administered 27 Mar 1850, 'of Fayston', but I haven't found his & wife's graves.

Diantha Howard:

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