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Scott A Bartley is again appointed Editor of Vermont Genealogy beginning with the Fall 2022 issue.

Problem-solving research case studies, short, compiled genealogies of Vermont families, transcriptions of unpublished Bible, church, court, or land records, or corrections to published genealogies are considered for publication.

In the meantime, please contact Jonathan Stevens by email ( if you have potential material to be published in Vermont Genealogy. Or you can mail to:

Jonathan Stevens
227 Fletcher Hill Road
Chester, VT 05143

Table of Contents for all issues of VG

Special Publications

Vermont Families in 1791, Volume I

edited by Scott A. Bartley

Edited by Scott A. Bartley, Manuscripts Curator at the New England Historic Genealogical Society, this book is the first in a series. The book cites individuals enumerated in the 1790 census in Vermont with biographical and genealogical details from primary and secondary sources; their families and descendants through two generations. A 71-page name and place index assures maximum ease of use. The winner of the Connecticut Society of Genealogists' book award for 1995, this book is an enduring Vermont reference.

List of census enumerated Individuals covered in this volume.

GSV No. 1, 1992. Hardcover. xxviii + 281 pp. $30.00 *** Out of Print ***

Vermont Families in 1791, Volume II

edited by Scott A. Bartley

This volume covers 107 families and has improved formatting and more complete information on the third generation.

List of census enumerated Individuals covered in this volume.

GSV No. 5, 1997. Hardcover. xlviii + 304 pp. $30.00

Vital Records of Putney, Vermont, to the Year 1900

compiled by Ken Stevens

Not just a listing, but a complete, concise and accurate compilation of births, deaths and marriages from all primary sources available in the town of Putney, one of the oldest towns in Vermont, chartered in 1753. As well as Town Records, the book includes ministerial records and records copied from gravestones in all fifteen cemeteries in Putney.

GSV No. 2, 1992. Hardcover. x + 406 pp. $30.00

Vital Records of Rockingham, Vermont and Records of the First Church of Rockingham

Reprinted from rare first editions of 1902 and 1908, this is an important genealogical source for one of Vermont's oldest towns, chartered in 1752. Town records extend to 1845, church records from 1773 to 1839. New to this publication is an indispensable index of nearly 10,000 names, constructed by Christopher T. Norris and Scott A. Bartley.

GSV No 3, 1994. Hardcover. 323 pp. $30.00 ***Back in Print***

Georgia, Vermont Vital Records

edited by Peter S. Mallett

The first of its kind for northern Vermont, this volume presents all births, baptisms, marriages, deaths and burials recorded in the town. All the civil books were transcribed as well as records from the Georgia Plains Baptist Church, Congregational Church, Emmanuel Episcopal Church, and Methodist Church of Georgia and North Fairfax.

GSV No 4, 1995. Hardcover. vi + 305 pp. $30.00

Windsor County Vermont Probate Index, 1778-1899,

compiled by by Scott Andrew Bartley and Marjorie-J. Bartley.

A comprehensive index of all files in the Probate Courts of the two districts (Windsor and Hartford) in Windsor County, Vermont, between the earliest records (1778) and the end of the nineteenth century. More than 20,000 files are indexed by the name of the major party of the case (for example, the decedent if a will or administration, the minor if a guardianship, etc.), place of residence, district, type of record, year, and volume of the bound records in which the record(s) will be found. The first comprehensive published index of this kind for any Vermont county.

GSV No. 6, 560 pages, hardbound, $50.00

Index to Branches and Twigs 1972-1995

Robert M. Murphy, editor

The long-awaited every-name index to the Genealogical Society of Vermont's journal Branches & Twigs, published for 24 years (96 issues) from 1972 to 1995. The 180,000 index entries include every name mentioned in every issue, except those cited in connection with Society business, those mentioned in purely casual historical context, and the ancestry service ("Apple Orchard") feature, which was alphabetically arranged. Separate sections of this work list the coverage of each installment of the Apple Orchard; and provide a full author-title index to book reviews. Branches & Twigs included immense quantities of information of interest to Vermont family historians, and this information will finally be accessible with the help of this vast new index.

GSV No. 7, 572 pages, hardbound, $65.00, shipping $7.50

Sudbury, Vermont: Genealogies, Vital Records, and Census Records

by Mary Ann Z. Wheeler

A comprehensive transcription of vital and census records for this Rutland County town, plus carefully compiled genealogies of families. This book will take its place among the very best genealogical resources available about a Vermont town. A cooperative publication of GSV and Picton Press.

GSV No. 8, 2000, 416 pp, hardbound, $49.50.

A Bibliography for Vermont Genealogy, 2nd Edition

by John A. Leppman

This second edition includes about ten percent more listings than the first edition, mostly of material published since 2000. It lists over 500 books and other published sources about Vermont and its counties and towns which are of particular use to genealogical researchers. (Family genealogies are not included in its coverage.) It is keyed to Drew Bartley's "Genealogies Found in Vermont Histories" (Vermont Genealogy Vol. 10. no.1 ) A useful reference work for any Vermont researcher.

GSV No. 11, 2005, soft cover, $10.00 plus $3.50 postage

Vermont Genealogy Vol. 9, No. 1: January 2004

"Name Changes in Vermont, 1778 - 1900"

by Scott Andrew Bartley

Includes index of names, soft cover, $5.00 plus $3.50 postage

Vermont Genealogy Vol. 10, No. 1: January 2005

"Genealogies Found in Vermont Histories"

by Scott Andrew Bartley

GSV No. 10, 2005, soft cover, $10.00 plus $3.50 postage


Vermont Genealogy Vol. 11, Nos. 1 & 2: January-April 2006,

"Declarations of Aliens, Lower Canada, 1794-1811"

by Scott Andrew Bartley

GSV No. 12, 2006, soft cover, $10.00 plus $3.50 postage


Vermont Genealogy Vol 16, No. 1, Spring 2011

"Vital Records of Springfield, VT"

by Scott Andrew Bartley

This issue includes transcriptions of the earliest vital records scattered throughout town records, but also includes the marriages performed by Simon Stevens, Justice of the Peace. 214 pages, plus every-name index.

GSV No. 13, 2011, soft cover, $15.00, postage $3.50.

Vital Records Recorded in the Peru, Vt. Town Records

by Jonathan Stevens

GSV No. 14, soft cover, $10.00, postage $3.50.

Index to the History and Map of Danby, Vermont

Compiled by Joann H. Nichols

An index to J[ohn] C. Williams, History and Map of Danby, Vermont (Rutland, Vt., 1869; reprinted S.L. Griffith Library, 1976). Limited Number Available.

GSV Item No. D1, soft cover, 1998, $3.50, shipping $3.50

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